Feed your Printer the Filament of Gods

Quality From The Beginning - Zero Sacrifice

The problem with other filaments

Ambrosia Filament was born out of frustration with the way filament is produced and marketed today:

Expensive filament that doesn't offer quality to match the price tag

Lack of accountability and quality control leading to inconsistent customer experience

Nonsensical pricing structures that charge makers an 'exotic' materials tax inconsistent with manufacturing costs

A lack of transparency with what you're putting in your printer.


Quality Guarantee

Each Ambrosia Filament spool goes through a thorough quality check during production to minimize any issues and identify defects. In the unlikely event that you receive a defective spool, we will gladly provide a refund or replace your filament at no additional cost. This is our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction.

100% Grade A Virgin Non-Toxic Materials

Because we care about your experience as a maker, we use only the best raw materials on the market.

A Better Choice for the Environment

Every spool and box is recyclable, and because we care about the environment, Ambrosia Filament donates a portion of every sale to 4ocean to fight plastic waste in our oceans.

Never a plastic spool to throw away.


Every purchase helps keep our oceans clean from plastics

Don't be this guy